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Change Leadership and Education Innovation;

P-12 Education Leadership;

Leadership and Teacher Preparation;

Education Policy;

Communities of Practice;

Online and Blended Learning and Leadership


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Recipient: ESU Foundation Grant, simSchool for Pre-service Teachers: A Safe Space to Develop pedagogical Practice, Fall 2021, $1,000


Recipient: Personal Learning: Are States making it a Priority? Faculty Development Research Mini-Grant Award, East Stroudsburg University, Spring 2019, $1,200 


Grant Writer: Multi-Tiered System of Supports – Early Literacy Grant, State of New Jersey and Rutgers University, Spring 2018, $6,000 and PD Services and Support: Partnership to develop a multi-tiered system of supports for early literacy in two K-2 schools.


Grant Writer and Principal Investigator: Flexible Seating Grant, Cranford Fund for Educational Excellence, Spring 2017, $12,000: To implement flexible seating to support the personal learning initiative across the district. 


Grant Writer and Principal Investigator: Maker Space Grant, Cranford Fund for Educational Excellence, $3,000: To purchase materials and equipment to support the development of a high school maker space. 


Grant Director/Principal Investigator: Race to the Top Grant (Curriculum), U.S. Department of Education, New York City Department of Education, 2010-2012, $26,000,000: To purchase curriculum and professional development to support the iLearnNYC blended learning initiative. 

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