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Getting Started with Online and Blended Learning

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Teacher Working on a Laptop

There are many differences between face to face learning and online or blended learning so usually it does not make sense to try to take what you do in the regular face to face classroom and just put it online. That being said, there are some aspects of getting started and classroom operations that are similar and sometimes it is easier to get started when you think about things you are already comfortable doing. The document below outlines things that a face to face (f2f) teacher might do the first week of school and compares this to what and online or blended learning teacher might do. It includes things such as classroom set up, class rules and expectations, and materials distribution. The document also addresses some ongoing operational aspects of running a classroom such as taking attendance, motivating students, leading cooperative learning activities, and assessment. Additional resources are linked in the document. Check it out!


What Does it Look Like Online
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